Giuseppe Manai

Giuseppe Manai

by Stemly
April 21, 2022

Co-founder / COO/CDSO

Giuseppe Manai is the COO/CDSO of Stemly, the autonomous forecasting platform for supply chain and finance corporations. He has more than 20 years of experience in the data science field, with tenures in corporates, the public sector, and academia.

In 2018, Giuseppe joined ING Labs in Singapore to set up a new venture that incorporates the latest developments in data science that will improve the quality and timeliness of decision-making for corporates, which later was founded as Stemly.

Prior to his work with Stemly, Giuseppe headed the applied analytics team in Singtel in 2012, which later become DataSpark under the telco’s Group Digital Life division, where Giuseppe was the Director of Data Science and Product Management.

Giuseppe also spent a decade in Dublin, where he was a statistician with the Irish Tax and Customs Authority and built data science models for clustering and forecasting as part of his work.

Giuseppe holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Trinity College, Dublin, and a Masters in Science (Chemistry) from the Universita degli Studi di Sassari in Sardinia, Italy.