Meet the Team: Arianti Silvia, Product Designer

Meet the Team: Arianti Silvia, Product Designer

by Stemly
March 18, 2021
Arianti Silvia

Arianti is a Product Designer at Stemly. She studied Software Engineering at the University of Brawijaya, Indonesia. She’s been working primarily on Product Design and hand on a few Product Management tasks, and within a few short months, she’s been a curious product learner.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background? Where did you grow up?

I’ve spent my childhood in East Java, Indonesia. But half of my life, I’ve been living alone, pretty much my entire adulthood years. Since high school, I moved to Jakarta in 2013 and then went to Singapore in 2020. I learned to face my fears, but I still have more to learn. Life is an ever-changing situation, and there’s always something new to adapt to.

Ever since I was a kid, my father provided us (me and my younger brother) with a computer, and we loved it. It was a luxury back then to have one in your elementary school years. That’s where my brother and I learned about programming language (I had to keep reinstalling my Windows OS to the point that I had to face MS-DOS every month).

Then in 2007, I finally learned the real thing in college: Computer Engineering. It was not easy, not as fun as when I had the freedom to do what I want at home. The resources were limited; the internet in Indonesia was not as convenient as what we have right now in 2021. It also was a new major in that University, and I was in the first batch. No seniors, no guidance. We were just going with it. I think I learn a lot more at work than in my college years (hello there, Role-Based Access Control project).

When did you realize you wanted to do Product Design and how did you pick up your expertise?

I started working as a Front End Developer. That was what I knew from studying Computer Engineering. At that time, design was still full of those gradients from the skeuomorphism era that I couldn’t grasp. Then came the flat design era. Learning resources were not as readily available as they are now, so it was somehow easy to be always thirsty for more knowledge. After a while, I started a side job while working full-time as a Front End Developer, trying out, and found a potential client. He tested my design skill and loved them, but he ran out of capital, so the project fell through. I put my work on Behance, and people started contacting me for UI/UX Design gigs. There were not many designers at that time, so it was relatively easy to shine (I utilized the internet for networking).

I learned a lot from articles, YouTube tutorials, and my own client case. I did a lot of design work to create a list of portfolios worth mentioning. I started digging into UX even more, did some training, and decided to dive even more into Product Design. I also have a mentor, far away in London, to guide me throughout my career. Yes, I’m taking my career that seriously!

Arianti Silvia

What are your favorite parts about working at Stemly?

That it’s an early-stage startup where nothing is really set in stone in Product Design, except for the visual style, which I like already. I have the flexibility to work on stuff from scratch, putting my ideas out there. Being trusted and heard by our leaders as an employee is also something that I find valuable.

How have you been able to learn and grow at Stemly?

I work closely with different people from different departments to get feedback regarding the task I’m working on. I learn a lot about how they do work, I learn a bit about the market requirements, and I learn a lot about how our engineering team tries to provide a technological solution. It was an extensive journey, and we’re all work together to finally get on the same page. It requires a lot of learning, as well as brushing up my communication and storytelling skills.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Playing VR games (boxing, Beat Saber), walk in the park, read some books, and making candles. Sometimes, cooking.

Arianti Silvia

What are your future career ambitions?

I’m looking forward to being involved in making a positive impact, be it big or small. Small things matter too. I’m fascinated by how Artificial Intelligence has helped humans automate their tasks, and it’s very appealing to me. Ultimately, I always am interested in managing an AI product team, but I see that as a few years down the road after I’ve further honed my skills.

What technological problem do you think it worth solving and why, if you had unlimited resources?

Task inefficiency by using automation. It would save a lot of time and energy since automating tasks (with human supervising) can produce better results in less time. Humans still can do other things that robots/machines can’t do, of course. It just will save humans from repetitive tasks.

Everyone’s either a sweet or savory person, which one are you? And what’s your favourite cake/dish?

I can be both, although it should be rather bittersweet. I love a good Soto Ayam, ramen (well, Asian soups basically are just too delicious to miss), and I love crepes so much I could have it the whole weekend!

Check out Arianti’s LinkedIn profile and her GitHub account to find out more.

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