Internship Spotlight: Adele Ku, Business Operations and Sales Intern

Internship Spotlight: Adele Ku, Business Operations and Sales Intern

by Stemly
February 11, 2022

Adele is an intern in the business operation and sales team at Stemly. She is currently an undergraduate studying in the National University of Singapore and is majoring in Economics.

What inspired you to join Stemly?  

I was intrigued by the unique and cutting-edge solutions that Stemly offer. The importance of enabling executives to make data-driven decisions that deliver substantial business and financial impact was evident from forecasting and optimisation. No doubt, Stemly is transforming the supply chain industry to pave way for Industry 4.0. The welcoming culture and friendly people here also enticed me. To be given autonomy over the delegated projects, as well as proper guidance from highly experienced professionals in their own fields was a huge plus point as well!  

How has your journey been so far?

My journey so far has been nothing short of amazing. The dynamic culture of working at a fast growing start up and being challenged daily is an experience I value. It has been a pleasure and a remarkable experience to be able to contribute significantly to the day to day operations as well as to be working so closely with the founders. Being exposed to multiple disciplines within the company such as sales, fundraising and policies was a good platform for me to explore the various jobs before pursuing a more concrete career in the future.  

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