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Versatile Solution​

Stemly effortlessly handles a diverse range of data. Whether continuous, categorical, or time-series, Stemly adjusts accordingly, removing the need for extensive data pre-processing. This flexibility enables Stemly to fit seamlessly into your existing workflow, significantly reducing the time to valuable insights. ​

Leverage External Factors

Stemly goes beyond just your sales data. It actively incorporates relevant external variables - economic indicators, weather data, and more, directly into its predictive models. This allows for more robust and accurate forecasting, empowering your business strategy to align with real-world market conditions.​

Intuitive Insights & Diagnostics​

Stemly doesn't just provide predictions - it helps you understand them. By detecting intricate interactions between different features, Stemly showcases which factors most influence your sales. With clear model diagnostics and feature importance metrics, you gain a deep understanding of your business dynamics, enabling smarter, data-driven decisions. ​

Superior Accuracy

By combining multiple machine learning models, Stemly delivers enhanced forecast accuracy that outperforms single-model forecasts. Recognizing that different models excel in different scenarios, Stemly selects and applies the best fit for each specific market or time-horizon. This auto-forecasting approach results in consistently superior forecast accuracy, outperforming the limitations of single-model forecasts. ​

Integrated Planning Capabilities​

Stemly goes beyond just forecasting. It incorporates a robust planning system, enabling you to adjust forecasted values based on human feedback. Modify forecasts in an aggregated manner, and let Stemly calculate the granular changes based on proportions, ensuring that your knowledge and expertise are reflected in the forecast. ​

Collaborative Planning with Transparency​

Stemly's planning system captures every forecast adjustment, along with its context in the form of user comments. This audit trail fosters a transparent and collaborative environment, where cross-functional teams contribute insights and understand the rationale behind each decision. ​

Integrated Replenishment Planning​

Extend your forecasting capabilities into actionable operations with Stemly's supply chain modeling. By integrating data about your suppliers, network, and inventory Stem also provides insights on optimal replenishment strategies. Turn your forecasts into precise, timely orders, ensuring your inventory always aligns with market demand. ​

Efficiency & Effectiveness at Scale​

Stemly is designed for high-dimensional data, extracting insights from multiple input variables. Its automated nature allows it to scale with your data, managing large datasets with minimal manual intervention. This combination ensures your data is utilized to its full potential for precise forecasting, while maintaining operational efficiency. ​

Continual Improvement​

Our machine learning models learn from past errors, continually refining their predictions for better future forecasts. ​

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