Product Recipe Blending Optimization: Processing & Manufacturing


Product Recipe Blending Optimization: Processing & Manufacturing


Global Cocoa Processor & Chocolate Manufacturer


Streamlined production planning and blending optimization workflow for marquee customer, enabling workforce to focus on important tasks.


  • Stemly worked closely to successfully optimize cocoa blending for a plant in South East Asia
  • Intricate process mapping to explicate and systematize organically developed production and decision processes
  • Generate multiple scenarios by varying parameters for comparison purposes
  • Assess progress against goals and refine planning – a feedback loop


  • The solution contains a set of decision tools spanning multiple time horizons from the operational to strategic level:
    • Annual blending plan
    • Monthly blending plan
    • Daily blending plan
  • Supports local variation in production processes e.g.: constraints
  • Accommodates variation in blending optimization goals by plant/region
  • Modularity allows rapid development of additional decision tools on request


  • Data-driven rather than assumption-driven
  • Frees up production planners to focus on planning over tedious calculation
  • Quickly compare scenarios in simulation without the cost of physical experiment
  • Network flow models to translate into mathematical form for a solution
  • Knowledge codified to provide requirements suitable for AI-based applications
  • Translates local concepts into shared production blending ‘language’.
  • Distills heterogeneous data sources into a common data model
  • Leverages external data for deeper context

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