Test Engineer

12 months ago

Test Engineer

We are looking for a Software Test Engineer with a track record of building data-driven testing frameworks.

You will be working towards developing a data platform that interfaces with large systems to ingest data and create statistical / machine learning models in a distributed setting. The systems might have complex data models with possibly availability and data quality problems.

Your job will be to validate upload, storage, cleaning, data handling services, to build a reliable and highly available platform out of these parts. You will develop Integration, Database, Process flow, and User Interface – Test Suites to verify and validate system integrity & performance.

Your responsibilities

  • Plan and execute manual and automated tests to ensure code quality and product stability
  • Design, implement and maintain (semi-)automated tests as part of the ongoing development process: automation testing, system integration testing, API testing, and more
  • Collaborate and exchange with your team members to ensure that testable user stories are created
  • Detect and document defects as they are encountered and work with the various teams to track and remediate defects
  • Establish and report software quality and performance metrics to the various teams and management
  • Collaborate with the technology, data science, product, and client success teams in developing new features
  • Contribute to the successful and timely delivery of all software products and releases

About you

  • Track record of building stable and maintainable web-based systems in a team setting
  • Experience with Behaviour Driven-Automation Testing, Integration Testing / API Testing
  • Proficiency with Python, Scala, JavaScript or Java
  • Exposure to one or test frameworks (BDD) like selenium, cucumber, pytest, robot, unit test
  • Create test suites, setup/teardown, session, API CRUD testing, feature testing, component testing
  • Good knowledge on integration testing, system testing
  • Exposure to Docker, Linux and Python environments
  • Understand, breakdown requirements and create test plan based on requirements
  • Understanding of Agile, Acceptance Criteria, Traceability etc.
  • Familiarity with DevOps pipelines (immutable CI/CD)
  • Ability to apply an engineering mindset to production systems
  • Performance testing is a plus
  • Perform Postman API manual testing when needed
  • Experience or interest in distributed systems
  • Experience or interest in machine learning
  • Experience or interest in cryptography and privacy-preserving computation

About us

We are scientists and engineers with a strong passion for cutting-edge technology and decision science. Our mission is to enable enterprises to reduce time to decision with state-of-the-art forecasting and optimisation. Our algorithms are based on automatic machine learning techniques and allow for the discovery of optimal forecasting models. We unlock sizable business and financial impact in terms of lower lost demand, decrease in inventory, lower working capital and financing costs.

How to apply?

You may already know if you’re a fit, but perhaps you’re worried about some of the requirements? We’re looking for a smart and passionate Engineer; if you’re the right candidate, we’re flexible.