Optimization Developer

2 months ago

Optimization Developer

We are looking for an exceptional Operations Research (OR) specialist to join our team. You should have a solid background in mathematical modeling and are passionate about bringing next-generation optimization-enabled autonomous decision intelligence solutions to life.

You will have an opportunity to liaise with our clients to access large volumes of data in disparate sectors and industries and to refine the model based on continuous interactions with our customers.

Your responsibilities

  • Design, define and develop Optimization-based products for key problem domains such as Integrated Planning, Recipe Optimization, Product Optimization, Inventory and Replenishment planning
  • Build, develop, validate and apply Optimization-based algorithms and heuristics to solve highly complex problems
  • Work closely with Product, Customer, and Engineering teams to design, develop, deploy and maintain a performant, robust, and highly available solutions platform
  • Work with Customer team in developing rapid prototyping implementations for customer problems,
  • Contribute to building optimization capabilities in the product

About you

  • Masters/Ph.D. in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Management Science, or related discipline with a focus on analytics and programming is required
  • Strong background in Operation Research (OR), especially in Linear and Integer Programming, Constraint Programming, Meta-Heuristics, and Evolutionary algorithms, etc.
  • Experience in Process Industries – Oil & Gas / Chemical / Food / Agricultural chemical is preferred.
  • Programming experience in Python is preferred while experience with C++/Java/C-Sharp is nice to have.
  • Familiar with commercial/open-source optimization packages such as ILOG CPLEX, Gurobi, Xpress, COIN-OR, etc.
  • Experience with database management systems like PostgreSQL/SQL Server etc.
  • Strong CS fundamentals, including Data Structure design and queries
  • Strong problem solving and analysis skills. Able to identify root causes and create practical solution approaches.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, with an ability to explain difficult technical matters in simple but unambiguous terms.

About us

We are scientists and engineers with a strong passion for cutting-edge technology and decision science. Our mission is to enable enterprises to reduce time to decision with state-of-the-art forecasting and optimization.

Our algorithms are based on automatic machine learning techniques and allow for the discovery of optimal forecasting models. We unlock sizable business and financial impact in terms of lower lost demand, decrease in inventory, lower working capital, and financing costs.

How to apply?

You may already know if you’re a fit, but perhaps you’re worried about some of the requirements? We’re looking for a smart and passionate Optimization Developer; if you’re the right candidate, we’re flexible.

Interested applicants, please send your CV to [email protected]. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.